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Expert Rainwater


The owner-managed Sachverständigen- und Fachpressebüro (expert and trade press office) emerged from the architecture company Architekturbüro König, which was founded in 1991.

The projects that have been realised by König range from interior architecture and exhibition stand construction, renovation and modernisation through to the new construction of residential and commercial buildings and product development. We now focus on the appraisal and description of new products, which, thanks to their construction techniques, create a link between environment and architecture – particularly when water and energy play a vital role.


Klaus W. König, Dipl.-Eng., works as a trade journalist and consulting engineer in Ueberlingen on Lake Constance in Germany. He has participated in numerous projects in the areas of building construction and modernization, ecological construction techniques and healthy living spaces. 

He has advised as a sworn and court-certified expert in the field of rainwater management and is the author of several books in German on this subject. His first English book on rainwater recycling, “The Rainwater Technology Handbook: Rain Harvesting in Building”, was published in 2001, with a version in Korean following in 2005. He is a regular contributor of articles and reports to professional journals. 

Klaus König has lectured on the subject at International Symposia of the United Nations in Japan and Korea. He has worked as a consultant in a series of design charrettes hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, by the Chinese Academy of Science and by the Canadian Government. 

Since 1997, he has been an active member of the German DIN-NA 119-05-08 AA Committee for "Re-use of water - Standards for use rainwater and greywater". In his capacity as member of the fbr, the German national professional association for water recycling and rainwater utilization, he holds regular seminars to educate architects, specialty engineers, tradesmen and public service employees about water issues and solutions. 





The sun has never sent us a bill – is the title of a book by Franz Alt. We can also apply this motto to clouds: they never send us any bills for the rainwater they produce. I am fascinated by water and energy, especially when construction techniques put them at the disposal of our surroundings and our architecture.


Seminars and talks

Water and energy are too precious to be used only once. In my contact with students and specialists, I promote the rules of technology for the runoff and evaporation of rainwater as well as for rainwater and greywater harvesting. It’s also all about the synergy effects of energy and architecture.



There are very different targets and rules to be observed when using and managing rainwater. This, compounded with the way functions are divided among the various trades at the building site, can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. That is when my expertise is called for, to provide information and seek reconciliation.


VOLUNTARY activities

Participation as moderator and speaker at many international conferences around the globe, my experience as an architect realising my own projects and a respectful treatment of our environment’s resources us are the things that inspire me to also work in a voluntary capacity.

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