20.11.2013, Hannover
Architektenkammer Niedersachsen


23.07.2013, München
Regenwasserbewirtschaftung und -behandlung
Bayerische Verwaltungsschule


06.03.2013, Leinfelden
Regenwassermanagement, Versickerung
und ergänzende Maßnahmen

GaLaBau-Verband Baden-Württemberg


09.02.2013, Stuttgart
Schäden an dezentralen Regenentwässerungs-
und Versickerungsanlagen

Sachverständigenausbildung BDLA und IFBau


07.01.2013, Freising
Niederschlags-Entwässerung, -Versickerung
Sachverständigenausbildung Akademie Landschaftsbau Weihenstephan



In den davor liegenden Jahren fanden seit 2000 pro Jahr ca. 5 derartige Veranstaltungen mit Präsentation und Moderation durch Klaus W. König statt.



The sun has never sent us a bill – is the title of a book by Franz Alt. We can also apply this motto to clouds: they never send us any bills for the rainwater they produce. I am fascinated by water and energy, especially when construction techniques put them at the disposal of our surroundings and our architecture.


Seminars and talks

Water and energy are too precious to be used only once. In my contact with students and specialists, I promote the rules of technology for the runoff and evaporation of rainwater as well as for rainwater and greywater harvesting. It’s also all about the synergy effects of energy and architecture.



There are very different targets and rules to be observed when using and managing rainwater. This, compounded with the way functions are divided among the various trades at the building site, can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. That is when my expertise is called for, to provide information and seek reconciliation.


VOLUNTARY activities

Participation as moderator and speaker at many international conferences around the globe, my experience as an architect realising my own projects and a respectful treatment of our environment’s resources us are the things that inspire me to also work in a voluntary capacity.